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Prior to the establishment of ACG Global Pty Ltd (ACG), as General Manager, Mark Simpkin guided Volvo Truck sales market share in South Australia from a 20-year norm of approximately 6% to 21% and number 1 market share in his first year and beyond. He established a newly appointed Toyota Dealership, developing sales circa 120 new and 55 used units per month and positively reversed the Dealership profitability within the first three (3) months through effective stock control, aftermarket and finance convenience services and fixed operations efficiencies and thus directed that company to number 1 market share within his Prime Market Area (PMA) Number 1 in terms of Return on Sales (ROS) and number 1 in Sales Customer Satisfaction within the South Australian region within his first year.

​In 2004, Mark established Automotive Consulting Group (Aust) Pty Ltd and promptly offered his experience to franchisees and franchisors principally within the automotive industry. The success stories from these first few customers spread until invitation to work with a Global Franchisor were realised.  

Mark’s experience and track record over 30 years’ in Automotive franchise networks including but not restricted to Truck, Car, Marine, Motorcycle etc… in Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada where he successfully “walked the talk” saw him specialise in widespread franchised Wholesale and Retail operations management.

As the franchisees to be served grew to over four hundred (400) so the consultancy team grew and its experiences became broader than automotive alone. Mark, with the support of his team, decided to employ a name that would assist them to open new markets thus the ACG Global Pty Ltd company Name was applied.

With such a large customer base throughout Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, and across various industry types, it became clear that new tools would be required to manage such a wide and diverse network effectively. So as to ensure our sustainable and competitive advantage, the Global Management System (GMS) commenced development in 2006. This has led to the development of several modules within GMS, such as My Brand Manager and Customer Viewpoint Survey, amongst others.

ACG is a ”No Nonsense” consultancy driven by people who have “walked the talk” not merely theorists. If this sounds like a service that interests you, we would welcome your contact.


Sales Departments (New & Used)

Why buy from you?

SALES = Activity X Effectiveness. The best of the best know this is about arithmetic complimented by effective marketing practices.

SATISFACTION ≥ the experience – expectations

What is this for your Customers and Clients?

What is this for your Staff? 

"VALUE": a product of Time, Convenience, Safety and Price not merely price alone. How do these elements apply your selling system?

Parts & Accessories

We've "Walked the Talk"

Aftersales Care remains a particularly important service to your customers during their ownership experience. 

Whether Retail over the counter sales, Wholesale to trade or sales through your Service Department, we will look at all aspects of this operation to ensure you are achieving at least your potential or ideally more.

Service Department

We'll keep you running

The dealership service department can be one of the most complex and challenging departments you'll have. 

Our track record of achievements in service is beyond question. We'll help you develop this very important department into one others would aspire to. 

Your customers will visit your service departments arguably more that any other department of your dealership. Each visit ought to be a deposit into your "Goodwill" Bank account. We'll help you get there.

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